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BACK IN PHOENIX / Scottsdale. BEWARE!!! Sarah or Valerie Bodmer aka Klair, Kler, Aleyn, Alyne, Anlora or Valetine on (

Now going by Aleyn, Klair, Kler, Sarah Sarah, Klair, Kler, Alyne or Anlora! Beware of the professional scam artist that goes by Sarah,Valerie Bodmer, Valerie Kauffman, she is on and she goes from city to city to scam unsuspecting gentleman out of $$$$$, and lots of it! Her online name is Kler, Klair, Aleyn, Alyne or Anlora or Valetine. She is very attractive and sophisticated, claims she's Swiss in ethnicity, lived in London, Toronto, Sarasota, Florida, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, AZ that I know of so far. Her Textnow number is 480-842-7506 or 480-794-9563, this is a Phoenix number, but I'm sure she has multiple numbers for multiple cities. She is a master scammer and here is one of them. I met her for a drink, and she claims she has plenty of money and not looking to be paid. Oh but it's my birthday, so how about you just take me shopping for a few gifts, then we can head back to my condo for s