BACK IN PHOENIX / Scottsdale. BEWARE!!! Sarah or Valerie Bodmer aka Klair, Kler, Aleyn, Alyne, Anlora or Valetine on (

Now going by Aleyn, Klair, Kler, Sarah

Sarah, Klair, Kler, Alyne or Anlora! Beware of the professional scam artist that goes by Sarah,Valerie Bodmer, Valerie Kauffman, she is on and she goes from city to city to scam unsuspecting gentleman out of $$$$$, and lots of it! Her online name is Kler, Klair, Aleyn, Alyne or Anlora or Valetine.

She is very attractive and sophisticated, claims she's Swiss in ethnicity, lived in London, Toronto, Sarasota, Florida, Scottsdale, and Phoenix, AZ that I know of so far.

Her Textnow number is 480-842-7506 or 480-794-9563, this is a Phoenix number, but I'm sure she has multiple numbers for multiple cities.

She is a master scammer and here is one of them.

I met her for a drink, and she claims she has plenty of money and not looking to be paid. Oh but it's my birthday, so how about you just take me shopping for a few gifts, then we can head back to my condo for some relaxing fun, we'll even order food, do you like Japanese? She is very flirty, asks lots of questions, makes you think she is interested, like I said, she is a PRO!!!

Upon meeting her at a high end fashion mall, she immediately texted me her condo address. Then the shopping began, and only in high end stores like Niemen Marcus, Nordstroms, etc. The clothes and handbags she wants start around $4,000 and go up from there. She will do and say all the right things to make you think that purchasing her these expensive gifts will pay off in the long run, but nope, it won't!

After buying Valerie multiple expensive gifts, she challenged me to a race back to her condo. I thought that was odd, but I am competitive and so I accepted. Upon going to the fake address, and trying to call her, my number had been blocked and she had taken all the expensive gifts and vanished. This was in Phoenix and now she is in Toronto trying to pull the same scam on someone, so beware!

I tried to think it through, maybe she just didn't care for my company, but the whole thing was carefully orchestrated from the very beginning! That's why she immediately texted me the fake condo address upon meeting, to make me think she was serious about having a nice fun evening after shopping.

She claims she has a PHd and is in Med Research. Guys, don't fall for this lady, she is very cunning and sophisticated, so her scam works well, but if you read this prior to meeting her, run very far away!

I'm not sure what other online sites she is on, but I know she doesn't like texting her photo when you ask, says that they are on the website. But she is preying on Sugar Daddy sites I think, looking for wealthy gentlemen to completely rip off. Again I met her on This sugar baby will scam you blind, so I hope you aren't reading this after you are trying to find this no good broad. Send me a message and let me know if you've had any interaction with her.


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